Welcome to our studio!

The Alberta Dance Academy opened its doors in Okotoks in 1990 by founder Brenda Bilozir, and in 2007 she passed on her dream to Erica Hendry.

Our Mission is to cultivate an inclusive and loving community of expressive and coachable humans by mentoring them within the discipline and ingenuity of the arts. We are guided by our Core Values:


 – At ADA we are big on community.  Creating a family that supports each other through successes and failures, or as we like to call them, learning opportunities.


 – At ADA we mentor courage and resolve; strength of character.  In life we always face challenges, and how we choose to work through those challenges gives us the opportunity to train our resiliency muscle.  “Through resourcefulness and grit, these performers survived months of online training.”


 – Arts training is rooted in discipline, and is an important life skill our students will take with them beyond our walls.  We train our performers etiquette for class, rehearsal, and stage.  Being on time, wearing proper dress code, and respecting props are just a few examples of discipline.


 – Is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.  Arts training takes commitment to the craft in order to master each skill.  It is a special moment to witness a performer come alive when they land their first aerial or say their first line onstage.


 – is the balance to our ambition.  Humility is defined as the freedom of pride or arrogance.  Finding ways to remain humble even after success is an important life skill for all.


– the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  We need empathy to understand, support and celebrate our peers in their successes and learning opportunities.

ADA offers performing arts training in Dance, Drama and Voice. Our close-knit family atmosphere is created by our inspiring teachers, our supportive administrative staff and loyal families!  Our Dance Program offers options for both the competitive and non-competitive dancer, including exams and our year-end recital. Our Drama and Voice programs offer weekly classes, festivals and annual productions.

Our highly qualified instructors have professional stage experience with Royal Winnipeg Ballet & Alberta Ballet, and post-secondary training in performance, technique, instruction and kinesiology.  Our instructors have a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, and a Bachelor of Education. ADA instructors hold certifications in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Gilbert Tap, Acrobatic Arts, and ADAPT. Your children are in the hands of professionals!

Students at The Alberta Dance Academy train in a professional facility.  Our four studios boast floating floors with Marley dance surfaces, full-length mirrors, barres, and acro mats, all of which are essential tools for creating a strong technical performer.

Above all we offer a safe, and nurturing environment for our students and encourage every child to reach for their full potential. At Alberta Dance Academy we strive to find a balance between technique, discipline, and FUN!



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