Wear your Prince/Princess costume to class! Once upon a time there was a group of dancing Princes and Princesses who escaped to a magical world to dance and sing! Learn basic Ballet and Jazz technique with a Royal Twist!

Dress Code

Option 1:

  • Pink Tank Bodysuit – Mondor Style 01633C
  • Ballerina Pink Tights – Capezio 1915 Ultra Soft Footed Tights
  • Pink Leather Full Sole Ballet Slippers – Dansoft Leather in Pink by Bloch
  • No skirts or dance shorts please.
  • Hair slick back in a bun with a hairnet & hairpins

Option 2:

  • Fitted white t-shirt or tank top
  • Dance Belt – (similar to a jock strap a dance belt is a specialized undergarment worn by. Male dancers for support)
  • Black shorts or dance pants – No Jeans
  • Black leather ballet slipper (any style)
  • Hair off face/out of eyes
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