Preschool Acro

Acro Dance incorporates elements of gymnastics and jazz technique. At the beginning of class students will engage in an extensive warm up to ensure their bodies are ready for mastering age appropriate acrobat skills. Some skills include somersaults, rolls, headstands, cartwheels, aerials and tumbling. All training is done on gymnastic grade mats.

Your child will see an increase in physical strength, flexibility and stamina. While you will notice their love and ability to do daily activities with their feet in the air and their hands or heads on the floor! (Really, Acro students are always upside down!)


Dress Code

Option 1:

  • Any colour/style bodysuit, footless tights, dance shorts

  • NO tank tops, t-shirts or dance pants

  • Bare feet
  • Hair off the face in a ponytail or bun

Option 2:

  • Fitted white t-shirt or tank top
  • Any colour/style shorts or Dance Pants- NO JEANS
  • Bare Feet
  • Hair off face/out of eyes
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