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The Learning Hub

Grades 3-7

Our Learning Hub staff are fully educated, qualified teachers! That is right, real teachers! It is important to know that we are in no way replicating the school experience. We are simply sharing our space for those in home school/online programs with the convenience of a qualified teacher to assist as needed and facilitate other activities!

All Things Covid


Physical Distancing

Enhanced Facility Cleaning

All the Hand Washing

Sanitizer Stations

Health Checks for Students and Staff

Separate Entries

Health and Saftey are our #1


Symptom & Wellness

  • Any students showing symptoms including a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days will not be permitted to attend class and should remain at home.
  • Verbal wellness checks, as well as temperature checks will be completed at the time of arrival.
  • While we do not require masks for our Learning Hub, we welcome the use of masks to those who chose to use them.
  • Please make your child, as well as ADA, aware of your choice regarding masks prior to the start of class.

Symptom During the Day

  • Any student who begins to show symptoms of any kind will be separated from the group. They will be required to have a parent or guardian pick them up immediately.
  • Students will be welcome back as per Alberta Health requirements. (10 days of being symptom free or 10 days of isolation, which ever is longer.)
  • Please remind your child that even a general “I don’t feel well” will result in them being sent home. If your child feels as though they just need a break, we encourage them to simply request a break from their instructor.

Our Reason

The Alberta Dance Academy recognizes the importance of socialization that happens within school

We can provide a guided day that allows school work, along with fulfilling and supporting your child’s social and physical well being, with a trained professional TEACHER in a small, controlled environment.

Our Promise

Your child will feel: comfort and confidence

Your child will be able to FINISH their schooling each day

Your child will get physical activity each day (yoga, dance, movement)

Your child will get outside

Your child will be safe

The Learning Hub Details

First Day – Tuesday September 8th
8:30am – 3:30pm

The Investment

1 Day/Week $35

2 Days/Week $70

3 Days/Week $100

4 Days/Week $130

5 Days/Week $160


Semi monthly billing to help accommodate your needs

What to Bring

Laptop & Charger

Textbooks/Print-outs & Notebooks

Writing Utensils

Snacks and Lunch – Nut Free

Water! – Our water fountain is closed

Sign up today!

Please call us to book your spot and inform us of your needs

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