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All registrations include 2 FREE Recital Tickets and a FREE Recital DVD.  Plus, all costumes come complete with FREE Tights!  It’s our Hassle Free Recital!

Registration Fee $30/single dancer $55/Family
Costume Deposit $50/class **All classes but Drama
Performance Fee $100/performer **Drama only
Discount 5% for 2 dancers 10% for 3 or more dancers

Teacher Legend

(AN) Miss Adryann

(BL) Miss Bailey

(CM) Miss Caitlynne

(CA) Miss Charli

(CN) Ms Courtney

(CP) Miss Chantelle

(CH) Miss Challen

(DR) Miss Dannica

(DS) Ms Darlene

(EH) Ms Erica

(HH) Miss Heather

(KH) Ms Kara H

(RE) Ms Robyn 

(SB) Mr Sean

(SB) Ms Samantha

(SS) Ms. Serena

(TD) Mr Tyler